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Funtastic Summer of 2019!

Welcome to your Funtastic Summer!


Why did we create “DS Huber Real Estate Group – Funtastic Summer of 2019?”  Because DS Huber Real Estate Group LLC lives life abundantly!

Sara and I came to the realization a number of years back that life is short and time is very precious. In our busy go-go society, we need to make sure we are purposefully spending time with family and friends.  We also need to make sure that having fun is a priority in our lives.

This is so important that 2 of our 4 company values at DS Huber Real Estate Group are Fun and Family.

For the past 2 summers the Huber family has created a list of things that we can do over the summer to create memories and have fun as a family. This year we want to invite you along for the Funtastic time! We want you to discover new opportunities to connect, create great memories and have a great time exploring!

The rules are simple, yes there are rules but don’t stress, they are not major and they only make this more Funtastic;

1. Make a list.
This is not a bucket list. The items on the list are not to be grand things that you hope to accomplish but rather simple things you can do yourself, with friends or with your family to create memories and have fun! If you have a great trip or event planned put it on there as something to look forward to but don’t feel like you have to have an epic trip or and amazing adventure planned to participate or to have a Funtastic summer!

Feel free to use our blank list by clicking the image below:  

Take a look at the Huber Family’s list: 

Focus on what you can do this summer and not what you can’t do. I think we often fall into the trap of having to be able to do what everyone else is doing. We plan our trips, fun and vacations based on what we see others doing instead of what we are passionate about or what brings us joy.

Many of our best memories as a family are from small events and the simple things in life. 

2. Join our Facebook group, DS Huber Real Estate Group-Funtastic Summer 2019 .    

3.  Share your list with the group or you may want to break it down to be more manageable by only posting one on the list along with a photo. Whatever you do share often, you may give others ideas that they had not thought of.

4. Document your fun and memories with pictures and share with the Facebook group.  Use the hashtag #funtasticsummerof2019. We want to share in your fun, adventures and memories.

There is nothing to buy and there is no cost to participate. All you have to do is have a Funtastic Summer and share!

We look forward to sharing our memories and fun and look forward to seeing all of yours!

Have a Funtastic summer this year!

Dale Huber, President & Principal Broker


Have questions?  Please contact Rina Risper at  

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