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Rental FAQs

How do I apply?

Please visit the Rentals section of our website. Choose the desired property (all properties listed on our website are currently available for lease) and click the Apply Now button. All adults 18 and over must apply, and each adult must apply and pay the application fee separately. Please list the property you desire and all other applicants on your application so that our applications processor can link everyone in your group and combine the applications. All information for all applicants in a group must be submitted along with payment before an application can be processed.

How much is your application fee?

The fee is $35 per adult and is transferable. This means that your application can be transferred to another property if you change your mind or your first choices become unavailable. You can pay online via your checking or savings account (no additional fee) or by credit or debit card (an additional processing fee applies) when you submit your application. If you are unable to pay online, you can pay via check or money order at our office. Sorry, we do not accept cash at the office. The application fee is non-refundable.

What is your pet policy?

Pets are welcome at most of our properties. We do screen residents’ pets and require that we be properly introduced. If your pet is not overly aggressive, we’d love to have them! For each pet we require a $200 pet deposit, refundable at moveout pending a satisfactory moveout inspection.

How quickly will my application be approved?

Expect a minimum 24-hour turnaround time after we receive your full application and application fee; most applications take about a week to fully process. Following initial screening, we may require additional information including verification of income, employment, and/or current and past landlord verification.

Do you work with Section 8 or other assistance?

Yes, most of our properties will allow Section 8 or other assistance. You must complete our application process and be accepted, however, before we will continue with the process with your assistance program.

Will you hold a vacant property for me?

Yes! We will hold a property off the market for up to 30 days at the rate equal to one month of the rent amount. Once you sign your lease, this hold fee will be applied toward your security deposit, which must be paid in full at lease signing. If you decide not to sign the lease, the hold fee is forfeit.

Who is responsible for utilities, yard maintenance, snow removal, and trash removal?

If you are residing in one of our single family properties, the responsibility is solely yours. You must have all utilities turned on in your name at the time of lease signing. If you are residing in a multi-family property, it depends. Please consult your property manager or your lease for further details.

What happens if I need something fixed?

We have a maintenance team at your service to schedule and execute repairs. You do not pay for maintenance if it is a normal "wear and tear" repair or caused by an act of nature. If you, your family, pets, or visitors caused the need for the repair by improper use, you will be responsible for the repair costs.

What are the consequences of breaching my lease?

Our early lease termination policy: your decision to not complete the lease contract as agreed shall not cost the property owner any of the related expenses of that decision. It must be "Net Zero" to the owner of the property. Therefore, the departing tenant pays the Re-leasing fee, equal to 50% of the monthly rent amount, plus an administrative fee of $150.00 up front with the Notice of Early Termination. The tenant must maintain utilities, yard care, etc., during any vacancy, instead of the owner or property management company. The tenant continues paying rent on the first of each month until such time that a replacement tenant takes over and signs a lease. If the tenant terminating the lease early does not maintain this agreement, legal proceedings will take place.

Can I sublet my apartment?

No. We do not allow subleases in any way, shape, or form.

Why have I received a Demand for Possession?

If we have not received the full rent amount and any other charges (utilities, damage repair fees, late fees) by the first of the month, we will send a Demand for Possession for non-payment of rent. You will then have seven days from the date of the notice to either pay the full balance due, or contact your property manager to discuss the amount due or make arrangements to pay the balance due. If no payment is received by the end of the seven days or the arranged date, our next step is to file for a judgment of non-payment and, once a judgment has been made, we can then evict you.

My roommate wants to move out. What do we need to do?

All Tenants must submit a written request to have someone removed from the lease. We will not refund any portion of the security deposit since it is a condition of your rental agreement. You and your roommate will have to settle any funds owed to each other, including any or all of the security deposit. There may be a fee associated with any lease modification.

I want to get a roommate. How do I add someone to the lease?

Any adult residing in our rental properties must be on the lease and in order to be on the lease, any prospective roommate must submit an application to rent, pay the associated fee, and undergo the screening process. If the application is denied, they cannot move into the property. If it is approved, you and the new Tenant must sign a Lease Addendum prior to them moving in. There may be a fee associated with any lease modification.

How do I get a copy of my lease?

You will receive a copy of your signed lease at your request. If you need a hard copy, please visit your Tenant Web Access portal: it will be attached there in the Notes section.

How do I make a payment?

If you submitted an application online, you have an online Tenant Web Access account, which you may use to submit an electronic payment. Otherwise, please contact the office to retrieve your account number so that you can set up your Tenant Web Access. ACH payments with your checking or savings account # and bank routing number are free to you. Credit or debit card payments will incur an additional fee that you pay. If you need another method of payment, you may call the office at 517-507-9993 and ask the receptionist or contact your property manager for further details. PLEASE NOTE: OUR OFFICES DO NOT ACCEPT CASH.

Whom do I contact when I have a question?

Please call the office at 517-507-9993 during normal business hours and our friendly receptionist will direct you toward the person who can best answer your question. Our Director of Property Management is the safest bet :-)

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